Pipewerx Leak Detection

Your trusted Sunshine Coast residential leak detectors

Specialising in efficiently locating pool and concealed leaks

Why Us

Finding leaks fast saves you money, water and frustration. Let our team efficiently locate and help resolve your water leak issues.

With our specialist equipment, expert knowledge, vast experience, and a non-invasive approach, we are able to quickly and effectively find the cause of your leak. We can also either fix the issue or provide you with the next steps to rectify your situation, saving money and water.
Lead by specialist plumber Brendan Dowd, the Pipewerx Leak Detection team are focussed providing excellent customer experiences, professional services and quality solutions for your water woes.
There’s never a good time to discover you have a leak, but there is an ideal time to call a specialist leak detector… and that’s as soon as possible. Whether you have a fountain or a trickle, calling a leak detector can help you quickly identify the source of the leak and work out the right action plan to properly repair the issue.

Pre-Purchase Pool Inspection

We could save you thousands by checking for problems before you sign over on your new house.

Pool Leak Detection

Finding constant wet spots, significant drop in water level, or having to top it up more than once a week?

Pool Leak

Whether it’s in the pool lining, slab, pipework, tiles, or beneath the ground, we can help stop your pool leak.

Underground Pipe Leak Detection

Before tearing apart your whole backyard, let us take our minimally invasive approach to find the source.

Concealed Leak Detection

Prefer to cut one tile than a whole wall to fix a leak? We use tools to pinpoint the source before anything gets cut.

Water Line Pressure Testing

Have a suspected leak? A water line pressure test can confirm the presence and location of a leak.

Might have a leak?

Don’t ignore a leak, it’ll cost you!
We saw one client’s water bill increase by 500% from just one pool leak until we came to find and fix the problem. Plus, a small leak over a big period of time can lead to bigger issues whether it’s in your pool, your yard or in the home.
Many clients are surprised to find how quickly we can resolve an issue once it’s been found. So, don’t put it off, get it sorted with Pipewerx Leak Detection.

Don't Risk It

We can save having to dig up your yard or dig into your wallet.
Some leaks are as obvious as a fountain (and you probably won’t need us!), some are a needle in a haystack. Not all plumbing leaks will be obvious from the surface, many are found underground, under slabs, in walls or in various parts of your pool. The quicker you find and fix the leak, the more money you save. With specialist skills and equipment, we can help you save time, money and effort by pinpointing the location of the leak and helping you fix the issue.
If you’ve got a leak to find and fix, or you suspect a leak is present, connect with Pipewerx Leak Detection, the family-owned, Sunshine Coast leak detectors.

Get In Touch

Stop the stress and expense of an undetected leak. Connect with Pipewerx Leak Detection today and your trusted local leak detector will help you with the next steps to find and fix your leak.
To get in touch with us, call 0484 516 939 or complete our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.