The DIY Bucket Test

You Can Do It Yourself!

When you suspect a pool leak due to increased water bills or you’re seeing a significant drop in the water line, the first thing to do is rule out evaporation as the cause.
Pools will naturally lose water due to evaporation, but to understand how much is lost to evaporation versus as possible leak, we use the bucket test.
The bucket test is a simple and inexpensive way to measure evaporation levels – you can do this yourself before calling us out and you’ll save on your call out fee!

Still Have a Leak?

When you perform your own bucket test, you can not only save yourself time and money if you find out evaporation is the culprit, but you’ll also save 10% on our initial call-out charge if we do need to investigate the issue further.

How to do the bucket test

Note: If you don’t have a step you can put it on the edge of the pool (but it is preferred to put it on the step so the temperature and other conditions are the same) and mark the bucket and the pool edge to measure the evaporation levels.


Place a bucket on your pool step, weighing it down with a brick so that it sits flat and doesn’t float about.


Fill the bucket with water to the same level as the pool.


Mark the waterline on the inside and outside of the bucket.


Leave the bucket for 24 hours.


Measure the difference between the inside and outside waterlines.

What's Next?
If after 24 hours you find the water level on the outside of the bucket has dropped considerably compared to the inside, it is less likely to be evaporation and you may have a leak!
Your next step to take is to call Pipewerx Leak Detection and we’ll send an experienced leak detector to find what’s causing the leak and how you can quickly and effectively fix the issue.

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