Pool Leak Detection

Losing Pool Water?

Pool leak detection is a specialised arm of the plumbing industry and Pipewerx Leak Detection are your trusted Sunshine Coast residential leak detectors, specialising in efficiently locating pool and concealed leaks.
If your pool has constant wet spots surrounding it, you can see a significant drop in water level or you are finding you have to top it up more than once a week, you may find you have a leak!
A good indicator is if you’re consistently adding more than two inches of water to your pool each week, you possibly have a leak or two.

If you are scratching your head and wondering whether your pool has a leak or the water is just evaporating from the sun, save yourself time and money by doing a bucket test.

If you’ve run the test and it shows your pool is leaking more than just usual evaporation, you can give us a call, let our team know you’ve done a bucket test and we will head out to you with a 10% discount when we find and fix your leak.

The Pipewerx Guarantee

For extra peace of mind, if your pool is leaking more than 10mm a day and you’ve done the bucket test, give us a call and we guarantee we will find your leak. If on the rare occasion we cannot find your leak, you don’t pay a cent.

We're Here To Help

When you hire Pipewerx Leak Detection to help with your pool leak worries, rest assured that we operate with a customer-centred, low-impact approach.
We are thorough in our investigations and use industry-leading technology to enable us to identify leaks without having to pull apart your yard. We only dig up pipes when the evidence suggests it is necessary, and only with your approval.
Customer service is at the core of what we do; we want you to know we work hard to resolve your pool leak worries by providing a thorough service, making repairs whenever possible and providing you with all the information you need to be confident in the solution we provide.

Pool Leak FAQs

If you have paving that slumps or dips, cracks in coping pavers, or there’s really wet good growth in a section of your lawn (or your neighbour’s lawn) it’s possible it’s your pool water leaking out.
If you suspect a pool leak, we recommend firstly doing a bucket test to see if evaporation might be the cause of water loss. Once that is ruled out, Pipewerx Leak Detectors can come and investigate further.

Click here to find out more about how to do a Bucket Test.
A pool is designed to be watertight, but over time sealants will deteriorate and other parts of the pool can settle, shift or eventually wear out. Common leaks are found through the fittings or accessories, plumbing or the shell of the pool. We also find that some trees or landscaping can impact the pool pipes, and can also which can shift the soil around the pool.

Sometimes the source of the leak might look minute but leaking water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can really add up in terms of water bills and damage.
When the Pipewerx Leak Detection team are called out to a pool leak, we thoroughly investigate inside and outside the pool to understand every possible cause and source of a leak.

We can easily say we dive into 80% of pools we check. This way we can conduct a full test, check hydrostatic valves, check the integrity of the whole pool as part of the service and also check there’s not a second leak.

It is important to repair a leak if you find one as it not only saves a vast amount of water, money, heat and chemicals, but it can help prevent the decline of pool structural components, and the washing away of fill dirt. If left untreated, a slow pool leak can cause more damage and cost more to fix.

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Stop the stress and expense of an undetected leak. Connect with Pipewerx Leak Detection today and your trusted local leak detector will help you with the next steps to find and fix your leak.
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