Water Line Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

A method for testing the integrity of pipes and plumbing, and also to identify if there is a leak, is to perform a pressure test of the water line.
For new homes and pools being inspected prior to final completion, an independent water line pressure test and report can provide peace of mind to the builders and buyers that the pipe work is satisfactory. It also allows for any issues to be fixed prior to concrete or landscaping work being complete to save on extra time or costs.

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What's Included

For homes or pools with a suspected leak, a water line pressure test can indicate whether or not the pipe work is the source of the leak.
If the pressure drops at a given time it can help confirm the presence and location of a leak in the pipes and determine how fast they’re losing water. This method, together with the team’s experience and high-quality testing equipment, can mean efficiently locating a leak without unnecessarily pulling apart walls or flooring.
All water line pressure tests performed by Pipewerx Leak Detection come with a comprehensive report outlining the test performed, the results and any follow-up recommendations

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