Pre-Purchase Pool Inspection & Water Loss Report

Pool Inspection

Are you looking at purchasing a property and excited by the pool or spa waiting for you in the backyard?
If so, getting a pre-purchase pool inspection done will make sure you avoid the disappointment of unforeseen repair bills and the headache of getting it fixed when you should be relaxing in it instead.
With our pre-purchase pool inspections, we can save you a possible thousands of dollars by checking for any potential problems before you sign over on the house and are stuck with the bill!

Protect Your Investment

It might surprise you to know that a lot of the calls we receive for pool leaks and repairs are from people who have recently purchased a home with a pool and are noticing after the fact that something isn’t right. Make sure your new purchase is set for fun not finding and funding leaks!

What's Included

Our pre-purchase pool inspections include a full leak test and a written report on the condition and integrity of the pool. We inspect the pump, filter, lights and visual appearance.
While a standard pre-purchase building inspection will include the pool fence, a pre-purchase pool inspection is a separate and incredibly important inspection to perform. We strongly encourage everyone purchasing a home with a pool to have the pool inspected as it could be the best or worst part of the home you’re looking to buy.

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