Under Slab / Underground Pipe Leak Detection

Save Money and Time

Not all plumbing leaks are obvious from the surface and the trickier ones can often be underground or under concrete slabs.
Sometimes there are multiple leaks to be found and fixed! They can go unnoticed for some time until a large bill arrives or all of a sudden, you’ve got excess moisture or a swamp in the yard.
Before you go tearing your whole backyard apart or bringing in the concrete cutters, let us take our minimally invasive approach to find the source of the leak so that the next steps can be effectively planned and executed.

Suspect a Leak?

If you’ve noticed your water bills increasing without any dramatic change in your household’s consumption and you suspect a leak, leave it to us to locate the source of unexplained moisture or leak and save yourself significant time and money.

How Can wE Help

Our team is experienced and equipped with best-in-class technology to detect leaks quickly and efficiently through hydrosonic acoustics and thermal imaging.
Additionally, as a qualified plumber our lead leak detector understands how plumbing plans have been created and installed over the last few decades. He also understands the lay of the land on the Sunshine Coast and can draw upon his insights to understand what’s happening beneath the surface.
We pride ourselves on being excellent problem solvers and love a good challenge.
Once we’ve found the source, we can help you plan the next steps, fixing issues where we can or working with your preferred plumber to stop the leak/s.

Get In Touch

Stop the stress and expense of an undetected leak. Connect with Pipewerx Leak Detection today and your trusted local leak detector will help you with the next steps to find and fix your leak.
To get in touch with us, call 0484 516 939 or complete our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.